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I'm Alexia, 16 and from California. This is where I post my art and illustrations. Feel free to come and go as you please! turtle(s) online

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  1. Improvement time. The old one was my first homestuck fanart aha;;

    i think a lot of improvement comes from pushing yourself but also not to the point where you get frustrated everytime you try and draw. Learn from real life and pay attention to everything. Think about what looks visually pleasing, what colors look good together and why. Drawing as often as possible has its benefits, but not even I can draw everyday and thats okay! It’s important to draw for no one but yourself first because art is personal no matter what the content is. Even if your art isn’t at the level you want it to be and you are faced with the thought “there’s so many people better” and I get that too, just remember improvement is inevitable!!

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